Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Star Spangled Shortcake

So for the 4th of July weekend. my husband and I packed up and headed to my folks house in Temecula, CA. They also had some friends in town from Las Vegas, NV, so we did our big barbeque on Sunday since they would be driving back Monday. I, of course, offered to make dessert! I love to bake...and it is usually pretty good.

Years ago I had made Martha Stewart's Shortcake and decided it would be fun to do again for the holiday.
How I love to cut in butter...note serious sarcasm here. However I prefer to do it by hand then food processor.
Oh so close to being tasty shortcake!
Starting to look patriotic.
The perfect blend of red, white and blue...and very tasty too!

A few more photos from the weekend:
We spent Sunday afternoon doing beer tasting from a craft brewery that our friend brought from Las Vegas.

Monday we spent a couple hours at the wineries in Temecula. We got a little summer desert rain at one point while we were out. I tried to get my husband to take a good picture of me in front of the flag...not too bad but he's got to find a better place to put his finger. Silly.

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