Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am slightly sensitive to skincare products, especially soaps, lotions, scrubs and masks that use chemicals. So I turned to natural, homemade beauty remedies. Plus I like the idea that I can just use what I already have on hand to make what would normally be some outrageously priced beauty product. One of my favorite is an exfoliating scrub that I try to use once a week on my face to get rid of makeup build-up and dead skin.
I use enough honey to coat the bottom of my Pyrex container, about a teaspoon. I sometimes microwave it for about 10 seconds so its not so viscous. Then I add about a teaspoon of brown sugar, stir. Using about half of what I just made, I apply it to my face and use a little bit of water so that it moves over my face a little easier. Once I get a good scrub, I rinse. Since I use my Pyrex container I can put the lid on and use what is left the following week. How easy is that?

Do you have any favorite home remedies that you enjoy? I always love to try out new stuff that I can whip together in my kitchen!

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  1. This sounds like a great idea - I'm going to have to try it out! Thanks for the tip!

    I have combination skin, but I am allergic to certain things (mineral-based skincare in particular), so I also have to be quite careful. I used to use honey as a face mask, which I found was great. Recently I've started using rose water as a toner and that seems to really be helping my skin balance out and be less spotty - yay!

    I've just found your blog through Sew Retro, so hello!!