Saturday, May 21, 2011

Revamp: Make-a-Mends Hat

I came across some fantastic video clips not to long ago on the British Pathe. The ones that interested me the most were suggestions for making mends to items you had during the rationing of World War II. Like the one titled FASHION HINTS (aka PATCHWORK & HATS) . This clip inspired me to do the following project:

Here is how I did it:
I've had this wool hat laying around that I've felt is in need of revamping.
I popped off the flower and felt ribbon from the crown and the grosgrain ribbon from the inside. I then marked a half inch up from where the brim met the crown.
I separated the crown and brim from my mark. Then used a fine sanding block and sanded the wool in a circular motion to remove the dust and to get rid of the fluffs that have occurred over the years.
I marked about every two inches around the inside of the brim and took a soft pleat at every other mark.
Thankfully at my work I have a hefty machine that I could stitch through the wool with. I stitch a 1/2" in from the inside edge. I then slightly steamed the wool with my iron, not actually touching my iron to the wool, but just adding some steam and using my hands to press the pleats in.
Using some off-white tulle with polka dots I had in my stash, I cut a piece that was 10" wide by about 36" long. I folded it over width wise so that it was 5" wide, overlocked the edge and flipped it right side out. I off centered my sash, knowing that I'd be wearing the hat to one side, over the hole and took a small pleat on the two sides .
 Reverse side with tulle stitched in. I used the sandpaper again to brush off the chalk marks.
Isn't it fun?! I love that it has the fun ripple effect when you wear it to the side. It is great to be creative with what you already have in times when you don't have alot of extra to spend on new things.


  1. Really cool!! Your hat re-design looks perfect!!

  2. Found you through Sew Retro. I love the hat- very creative and pretty!

  3. I love your hat designs. I'm just getting into hats myself. Very inspiring. Will you post how you recovered the yellow hat?

  4. Beautiful, great inspiration.

  5. Congrats on winning the Vixen Vintage hankie giveaway! I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Can't wait for the next one!