Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pretty Little Things

Today I went to the Long Beach Antique Market with my good friend Joan. I gave myself a budget and, on this trip, I had nothing specific in mind that I was searching for. I found myself mostly attracted to all the lovely jewelry booths! And oddly enough various shades of green...I guess I might be moving away from my blue phase. Lately I have felt that my jewelry box has been lacking in variety so I am glad that I've added some beautiful new pieces.

I know that I love to look at pretty pictures online of vintage I thought I'd share with you some of my purchases! So time for some eye candy...

 Found these at my favorite jewelry booth...then picked out a necklace they had to make a fun little set.

 What a great another one of my favorite booths where they have $5, $10, and $20 table. This set was on the $10! Score.

 I love brooches...and this one was large, such a fun color and on the $5 table.
 These were on the $5 table as well...and although not the perfect match, I think they'll still be fun paired together til I find something better to go with each.
 This was the best find of the day! The bracelet I got at one booth, I just loved the rustic chain and the open mouthed fish. Then at my favorite jewelry booth I found the earrings which perfectly matched the coloring and design of the stone in the bracelet! Perfect.

How could I pass up that cute fishy?! Now to make a fun fishing themed dress to go with!

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