Saturday, May 7, 2011

Three Phases of Awesome.

So for Mother's Day my sister asked that I put together some sort of fruit dish for the brunch she is hosting. I searched my favorite food blogs and came across a Simple Lemon-Strawberry Parfait.

Phase 1: Wednesday night I whipped up the Microwave Lemon Curd...probably the simplest thing I've ever made.  It was absolutely divine and I've decided I need to keep this around all the time.

Phase 2: The recipe gave the option for a purchased pound cake, which would make it simpler, or a homemade one. I, of course, choose to make one. So Saturday morning I made a Condensed Milk Pound Cake from the same food blog. Of course, as soon as it cooled I cut off a slice and smothered it in the Lemon Curd.

Phase 3: Saturday night I preped everything for the next day and of course threw a couple together as testers to enjoy before the big day.

I whipped up my own cream, cut up some strawberries, and pulled out the Lemon Curd.
 I cut up my pound cake into nice little circles to sit down into my chosen serving dishes. 
Beautiful. Displayed in my "vintage themed" Special K juice glasses...and the theme seems appropriate for Mother's day.

They also look great in my vintage teal frosted juice glasses!
The boys absolutely loved them. Hopefully mom will too!!


  1. I recognize those bowls, some discerning friend must have gotten those for you! Um ps, I did not receive my cup full of awesome... I'm sure this is an oversight... still waiting...

  2. Yum!!! That looks delicious. I will definitely be trying out this recipe. Thanks for sharing!