Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Revamp: Grandpa's Flannel Gets a New Look

Recently my grandfather passed. He was a man of few words; but who I knew loved my sister and I so much and wanted nothing but for us to be happy.  My memories of him will always be that of a tall man, wearing flannel shirts, who loved dogs and loved my grandmother dearly. So while I was helping my grandmother clean out their apartment I grabbed a few of his flannel shirts as a reminder of him. Although they were extremely large for me, I thought they'd make great lounge wear or as cover ups at work when I was doing dirty work. Then recently, with my love for refashioning items I already owned, I began contemplating making some of his flannel shirts into something I could get more use out of. I came across this blog to Refashion a Man's Shirt.
So I started with this XL flannel shirt.
Here are my three pieces...I've created the casing on the main body, cut the sleeves down for the ruffle and still have a decent amount of fabric left in the top half of the shirt.
I used some of the extra fabric from the top half to create a halter strap...I have a hard time wearing strapless tops, I guess its a weird fear that it might slip down.
I pulled most of the gathered fabric into the back to give it a fun ruffled tail effect. I also used some of the extra fabric to create a bow for my hair. I did put the elastic in the waist, so I could wear it with out the belt and still have a nice cinched waist.
This was a really fun, easy and quick project that I didn't have to spend a dime on since I already had all the supplies needed in my stash. Plus I can now wear this flannel shirt more often as a nice little reminder of my grandfather.


  1. That turned out really cool! Nice work!

  2. Love this!!
    My dad passed away almost 2 years ago and I still have one of his sweaters, that I'm intending to refashion so I can wear it, for the same reason. I just need to get over my fear of cutting into it...
    Your flannel top looks just perfect, great job! Thanks for sharing the tutorial too.

  3. You are so creative! The shirt looks great!

  4. That is so cute. I love that you will think about your grand dad every time you see it in your cupboard and will be wearing his memory. I'm sure he loves it too.

  5. It looks fabulous! What a great way to celebrate your grandfather!

  6. This is exactly my reason for doing this! My grandfathers flannel that has passed, Beautiful, Thank you for the inspiration!