Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Revamp: Simple Rework of an Earring.

You know how there is always that box of random, odd bits and bobs at thrift stores, antique malls or the swap meet? I like to rummage through those bins in search of some hidden treasure or to find something I can rework. Not too long ago I was at the Long Beach Vet Swap, and I found myself searching through the bins of jewelry that were missing their mate, stones, etc. I came across this dangly flower earring and instantly knew I could divide it into two.
So I pried the flower off the earring base with my handy pliers and opened the jump ring to separate the group of flowers from the earring base.
Recently I was very happy to come across earring posts that have the vintage style screw back, I prefer them over clip on because you can adjust the pressure.  So I grabbed my E6000 adhesive and put a dollop on the inside of one of the flowers to cover the front of the earring post.
I had to figure out a way to allow the glue to dry without placing the earring down so that the flower wouldn't move on the post. I found that a clothespin did just the trick.
While that was drying I divided the large cluster into two evenly distributed groups of six flowers for each. Using one of the existing jump rings I attached each cluster to the ear screws' loops. Presto-Chango!! I made one earring into two. I'm thinking I might get a jet black flatback Swarovski crystal to place in the middle of the flower that is on my ear to compliment the ones that are dangling.