Sunday, June 3, 2012

Work in Progress

The past six months have been insane for me! It is one of our heavier build years at work so I've had little time or energy to spend on personal projects, other than our home! We are finally getting to a point where I feel like I can start "showing" my home. This first photo is from when we first took over the house. Originally the walls on the main floor and downstairs stairwell were a sage green(not my fave and went with nothing we owned).
We found a color called Macadamia that we loved, kinda funny since my husband just started at Hawaiian Host(chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts).
We lived with it this color for some time, but we had bigger plans!
On our long empty wall we put up bamboo paneling and framed it out with split bamboo.
Then to get stuff up on the wall! We've had all our decorations in boxes up until recently since we had been waiting to get the bamboo wall up. Once we got up what we already owned we realized we still needed ALOT more to achieve full tropical perfection!

Our tiki bar is what really started this obsession. When my hubbie and I first moved in with one another we decided to build this bar. It worked perfect in our first place but is now too large for our house to use as a bar. Our plan is to take the front panels and make them into swing out doors so we can use it as  a storage area for our booze.
Now for a few of my favorite things:
This is our wedding "guest book" guitar and our new crazy Hawaii clock
I've become obsessed with all Treasure Craft of Hawaii items so I've started my collection with some amazing shell dishes. By the way this shelf is a temporary piece of furniture until we find something better. For now it can hold various dishes and odds and ends for me. Plus we are in search of a large piece of artwork for this wall.
And of course, some Treasure Craft of Hawaii hula dancers! My favorite pieces!!
We got this print this weekend, its high on my list as a favorite piece
Oh yah, the wall that is opposite to our bamboo wall is the one that leads to the stairwell and we did a half wall bamboo panel on that...which with all the mitered corners on the split bamboo drove my hubbie and dad nuts. And what tropical themed home wouldn't be complete without giant fork and spoon?
And of course, puppies!!! They match the decor perfectly as well.
It's going to be a never ending process of adding to our decor, but at least we are finally making our house a home. We have big plans for our fireplace and mantle next, so hopefully I'll be sharing that with you soon!



  1. Oh my goodness, your room is looking AWESOME! What a transformation from when you moved in! I have to laugh because the first picture of the room reminds me of our den when we moved in, all full of random chairs because it had no real furniture, other than our TV stand. lol

    I'm really impressed with how you've been transforming the room, and it gives me hope that one day we'll settle in enough to start painting and really getting on with decorating!

  2. Wow! Great job. I can picture Elvis plucking that guitar off the wall and singing at the bar!

  3. Looks fab! I have some things I need to give to you to add to your collection, I just keep forgetting!

  4. Looks awesome! Those bamboo panels are brilliant, I would have never thought of that or had the nerve to try it!! Cannot wait to see more of your house and keep us updated!

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    Thanks a lot for this awesome information. Keep up the good work. I will be coming back often.