Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everything Pumpkin

I love everything pumpkin...except Pumpkin Pie(which is weird I know). So when pumpkin is in full swing I find every way possible to incorporate it into my diet. So when Trader Joe's advertised Pumpkin Ice Cream...I came up with Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich.
I used a Spice Whoopie Pie recipe for the cookie(by the way I cut this recipe in half and got 22 sandwiches) and sandwiched my ice cream in between. Now I have a whole bunch in my freezer to satisfy my Pumpkin Spice craving! if only the Southern California weather could match my fall mood.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lucky in Love, Part 2

Onto what the day actually was like once people were placed in the picture:

Pictures of us separately before the wedding.
My handsome husband. Look at those boots.
My adorable sister, maid of honor.
My absolute favorite one of me. 
Now onto the ceremony:
My mother being escorted by my sister's boyfriend.
Will playing for me to walk down the aisle.
My father, an amazing man who was so happy that day.
Down the aisle we went.
Our first kiss as husband and wife.
Oh and the poms as we came back down the aisle!
Now to our reception:
Our friend catered, he brought his smoker so we could have BBQ.
My father owns a brewery, Craft Brewing Co. so that was on tap.
Our favorite band, David Serby, for us to dance to.
Hubbie's best man with a toast to us.
The poms attack again.
My good friend wore red shoes in honor of my big day.
Oh favorite purchase, Remix tooled leather pumps.
But to dance you need boots!
Hubbie's wonderful twins. Up to no good I'm sure.
Guests: Will, his wife Melissa, Buddy Dughi and Suzy Q.
On the road to a wonderful marriage for years to come!
I was so happy with the way our wedding turned out. I worked really hard, but thankfully planned accordingly so that it was not a stressful day for me. It was everythring we wanted it to be and it truly reflected who we are. Which I really believe is the best way to plan a wedding! Our first year of marriage has been amazing, we are so much more in love with one another now then ever. I'm looking forward to so many more years and adventures with my husband.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lucky in Love, Part 1

My husband and I will be celebrating our one year wedding  anniversary this Sunday. So I thought I'd share our wedding with you. I've decided to break it up since it would be picture overload! So this post is dedicated to the setting of our wedding and all the items I made.

I was never the girl who dreamed about my wedding. When we got engaged I really had no idea where to begin or what I really wanted, other then I wanted to share the day with my family and a few of our very close friends.  My husband had already been married before and had done the whole wedding thing so he would have been happy just doing it at the courthouse. Which I did ponder over this option, but I'm so glad I decided to go the wedding route. As we began to plan our day we realized that the most important thing to us was that it reflected our personalities and passions that we shared.

First and foremost, I wanted a barn! I'm a country girl at heart, plus my husband and I are both fond of the western genre.  Lucky for us my soon to be brother-in-law had one in their back yard.
I spent the first few months of our engagement (we were engaged for 8 months) searching the web and magazines for ideas on how I wanted to bring the whole thing together. Then on etsy I came across a stamp that read "Lucky in Love" that was circled around double horseshoes that were overlapping one another.  Perfect! This became our emblem. I fell in love with bunting, pom poms, ceremony fans, heart shaped paper decorations,  and red gingham.

I made almost everything myself. Even the pom poms all 350 of 'em, with some help from people at work!! I made bunting using gingham fabric, paisley fabric and burlap. The cones I made from card stock to hold the poms and I printed the message on circle stickers. I made paper heart decorations using strips of red and brown card stock that we stapled up into a heart shape. I bought wood horseshoes from Joanns and painted them to make hangers for the ends of the aisles.  I made table runners using the same fabric I did for the bunting. We saved food jars over the months to use for our flowers the my mother, sister and I put together the day before. I made all kinds of signs for the different areas. I pretty much created almost everything for our wedding, and I'm happy I did!

I also knew that I didn't want  a typical guestbook. I wanted something that once our wedding was over we could put on display. Since music, my husband is in a band and I met him at one of his gigs, brought us together I decided that we'd put a guitar out that people could sign.

I had also come across some amazing bouquets that were made using felt, buttons and metal findings. I, of course being the crazy person that I am, added this to the list of things I had to make. I whipped up felt flowers, using vintage broaches, and stringed buttons so that my maid of honor and I could have a completely untraditional bouquet for the ceremony, which by the way I almost left at our hotel!! Here are the two bouquets stuffed in my vintage travel bag (my mother had bought me the train case, travel bag and hanging bag as a gift for the wedding) and a close up with our wedding rings on the bouquet.

 And now so that you can start to see what I looked like on my wedding day, I will share with you my pre wedding dress outfit. I made a housecoat to wear while I was getting ready using a vintage pattern that I had come across in a local thrift store.
In the background you can see my wedding dress, which was made for me. I also made my own veil which you will see more of in the next post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happiest Place

A few weeks ago we went to Disneyland and I completely forgot I had taken a few pictures until I started uploading new house here goes what I got.
Mickey Beignet. Yummy!

Jungle Cruis, one of my favs, the jokes never get old.

My Minnie outfit.

Drivin' on Autopia

Oh no sharp turns ahead!

I dunno if I can handle this track!

Oh no I've got the swing of it! Bwahahahahaha.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shrinking Closet

Well my dear readers...we've moved into our new house! Its been absolutely insane. I got two of the bedrooms and the downstairs hallway painted before we moved our furniture in. We had an entire weekend of just scrubbing, which was exhausting. My fantastic parents were so helpful with getting things done! I still have things left at our old apartment that we have to be out of by the end of this coming weekend.

As exciting as the whole idea of having a house is, the sad part is my shrinking closet. When my husband and I first started living together I had two HUGE closets all to myself. Then we downsized into an apartment where I still got two closets, but they were much smaller. Now we have one closet...and we have to share. And I know I shouldn't complain, but when you are someone who loves clothes and buying vintage and making things its tough dealing with the shrinking closet issue.

Well here is our PT piled high with just my clothes from my closets
Surprisingly I made it work, my poor husband only gets the top section of the double stacked side of the closet. I'm a little sad though because things are a little crammed so I can't make any additions until I get rid of some stuff.
I'm still not sure where I'm going to put the rest of my shoes, purses and hats. Oh the challenges of reorganizing in a new place!!

I have been taking pictures along the way to share with you. Hoping I'll get time to start uploading to show progress. Sorry if this post is brain is having a real hard time working properly right now.