Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lucky Zelda

A couple months back I did a little modeling for my friend's etsy shop. She is an amazing seamstress, plus just an all around great gal! She focuses mainly on her handbags which are super cute and very well constructed. However, lately she has been adding in more and more vintage style pieces that she creates either from vintage patterns or patterns she makes herself. She does custom sizing on what is in her shop and I'm sure could also do other custom work for you if you asked her nicely. So please check out her etsy shop, Lucky Zelda, and keep an eye on what she's putting in there.

Wool Skirt 1940s Style with Lace Trim
Retro Jewel Neck Blouse, check out the back!
Grey Wool Dress
Wrap Skirt in Purple Wool (Love this!)
One of her cute bags...this one is my favorite!