Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Honeybees

Dollie DeVille, over at The Rockabilly Socialite, and I have started a ladies club in our area. We are two like minded gals who have shared a lot with one another on Facebook and through Blogger. We have also known each other out and about in the scene, but had never really had a chance to hang out. We finally decided, on Facebook, to get together and start baking and doing craft projects...then the idea of The Honeybees Ladies Club was born! The idea behind our club is that we'd be a social, hobby, and service organization made up of classy vintage ladies. Whereby we'd promote bygone “woman skills” of another era through social gatherings, crafting, and baking. We are still in the process of formulating all the aspects of the club and recruiting members, but we have already had our first meeting!! We decided to get together to do some holiday baking for our Honey Bears. Three of our four members met up at Dollie's house to bake three types of cookies and to start crafting on some holiday projects. The day was filled with tips and tricks, plus we got to know one another better.

Our club so far has four members:
Dollie DeVille: Dollie is the founder and Queen Bee of The Honeybees Ladies Club, but she is better known as The Rockabilly Socialite. Her history as a blogger helps her in her presidential duties of the club. When she is not crafting and baking, she spends her free time with her husband-to-be Zack Simpson seeing rockabilly bands, jiving, and finding pieces for her perfect vintage wardrobe.
Reagan Foy: Reagan is the co-founder and vice president of The Honeybees Ladies Club. We so lovingly call her the Lil' Suzie Homemaker Bee because she's always whipping up some fantastic vintage inspired dresses, hats, baking, working on her new house or crocheting. Maybe you have read her blog, Lil’ Vintage Homemaker. If so, you know that she is a perfect fit for The Honeybees Ladies Club. When this busy bee isn't working on some new project she enjoys spending time with her Honey Bear, Brian Jay and their two little pups who keep her laughing and young.
 Sandra Sprague: Sandra is a world traveler. Her and her musician husband Chris Sprague really get around. When she comes home she brings us tips and tricks from all over the world, making her an invaluable member to the club. We love her worldly cuisine and extensive knowledge of vintage collectables!
Amber Foxx: Amber is our newest member. When she is not singing with her all star band she likes to cuddle up with her pups and her Husband Bobby Cavener. She basically invented cake pops, which makes her the bee’s knees in our eyes! We always go to Amber with hair and makeup questions, because she is the pro!

We had a blast at our first meeting and we are looking forward to so much more!! Here are some photos I got from our event...of course I'm behind the camera but hopefully I can snag some more from Miss Dollie soon to share! Also check us out and like us over at our Facebook page to keep posted on what we are up to and to get more tips and tricks from us!

Perfect Date Night

Had an absolutely fantastic perfect date night with my hubbie last night. We got all dolled up and went to dinner then up to the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal Studios to see Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza. We had so much fun enjoying one anothers company and of course, you gotta love a good Christmas show with the best music!!

Hubbie likes this one...but he forgot his coat.
I like this he has his coat on!
My bad attempt at a fashion model pose.
Love my new holiday dress! It has pockets!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fashion Stars Hats

I picked up a 1947 edition of The Complete Book of Crochet by Elizabeth L. Mathieson sometime back. I love looking at all the pictures and dreaming of making every single one of the items in this book. What really got me to buy this book was this pattern
Well I finally got around to attempting this pattern! I tested it out with some black acrylic yarn I had laying around. I wanted to try the pattern out first since its vintage and I'm still learning how to choose the proper yarn and needle for these patterns. I only did the base of the hat since I was using left over yarn, but now that I know it works I've got some beautiful wool yarn in mind to make another one of these up. I'm really excited to do the twisted yarn around the next one I make. And even though this one is pretty simple, I really do love it and I decorated it up for Christmas today with a red ribbon and wreath brooch.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just this week...

I kept myself very busy this past week!

Finished up my curtain for over the kitchen sink and got it hung. I found this adorable vintage fabric on etsy that matched my kitchen colors perfectly. I backed it with red gingham and made red gingham piping to finish off the bottom edge.
More painting...of course. The main floor of our house is pretty much done being painted. We are going to put some paneling up on our living room wall and then get our pictures and things hung up. So when we do that I'll post some pictures of the complete room.
Added a little fall touch to our (unfinished) mantel since we were having my family over for Thanksgiving on Saturday.
Went on a major search for the above ingredients to make the following:
A to die for Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cheesecake to take with us to my husband's family Thanksgiving dinner.
I thankfully got plenty of time in with these two. My little Peajay on the left and my husband's kids' dog, Skeech.
My family did Thanksgiving at my house on Saturday. A very exciting event for me since I'd never done a turkey dinner before and because it was the first time my whole family had been in my house since we did so much work! My sister brought me this house warming basket with all kinds of baking goodies! I'm very excited to start working my way through them.
My mom gave me her original China from when her and my dad got married. I think this set is so pretty and simple. I just love it.
I set it up on our corner hutch that we acquired when my hubbie's ex-wife moved out of the house. Right now its pink, not my favorite color and does not match anything we have. So we are planning on stripping it and painting it dark brown or black to go with all our stuff.
My mom also brought me some cute placemats, napkins and kitchen towels to get me started with decorating for Christmas. Plus she got me a couple more cake plates that I need to get ribbons for in my kitchen colors...guess I need to start baking more cakes to put on all the cake plates I now have!
Now I'm going to spend the end of my week relaxing and making plans for all the Christmas events coming up!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Well I'm still working on the house. I'd say we are about half way done with painting. I'm still figuring out where to put stuff. I know we desperately need furniture and decorative moments to round out the place. However, it's starting to feel like home.

The worst part is I don't know when I'll get around to setting up my sewing place...and I'm thinking its not going to be before the end of  this year. I'm itching to start working on projects again, especially since I have some great ideas for Viva Las Vegas. I have been attempting to knit in order to appease my crafty side. So the only time I get to sit down at a sewing machine these days is at work...making liners for my caps. Which is not all that exciting, but at least it full fills a little bit of the emptiness.

A few little photos I snapped at my happy place(my work machine):

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everything Pumpkin

I love everything pumpkin...except Pumpkin Pie(which is weird I know). So when pumpkin is in full swing I find every way possible to incorporate it into my diet. So when Trader Joe's advertised Pumpkin Ice Cream...I came up with Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich.
I used a Spice Whoopie Pie recipe for the cookie(by the way I cut this recipe in half and got 22 sandwiches) and sandwiched my ice cream in between. Now I have a whole bunch in my freezer to satisfy my Pumpkin Spice craving! if only the Southern California weather could match my fall mood.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lucky in Love, Part 2

Onto what the day actually was like once people were placed in the picture:

Pictures of us separately before the wedding.
My handsome husband. Look at those boots.
My adorable sister, maid of honor.
My absolute favorite one of me. 
Now onto the ceremony:
My mother being escorted by my sister's boyfriend.
Will playing for me to walk down the aisle.
My father, an amazing man who was so happy that day.
Down the aisle we went.
Our first kiss as husband and wife.
Oh and the poms as we came back down the aisle!
Now to our reception:
Our friend catered, he brought his smoker so we could have BBQ.
My father owns a brewery, Craft Brewing Co. so that was on tap.
Our favorite band, David Serby, for us to dance to.
Hubbie's best man with a toast to us.
The poms attack again.
My good friend wore red shoes in honor of my big day.
Oh favorite purchase, Remix tooled leather pumps.
But to dance you need boots!
Hubbie's wonderful twins. Up to no good I'm sure.
Guests: Will, his wife Melissa, Buddy Dughi and Suzy Q.
On the road to a wonderful marriage for years to come!
I was so happy with the way our wedding turned out. I worked really hard, but thankfully planned accordingly so that it was not a stressful day for me. It was everythring we wanted it to be and it truly reflected who we are. Which I really believe is the best way to plan a wedding! Our first year of marriage has been amazing, we are so much more in love with one another now then ever. I'm looking forward to so many more years and adventures with my husband.