Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The outfit post.

With summer here it means I get to pull out all my vintage and finally wear it to work! Most of the year I have to wear stuff that I don't mind if I get paint, clay, latex, glue, etc on but during the summer I am a supervisor so its not as much of a worry. So here is to the beginning of my outfit posts...hopefully soon to be full body shots when I get my tripod out of storage. For now shots taken with my iphone using Hipstamatic.

My probably absolute favorite vintage earrings.
My soaring bird brooch.
Comfy shoes to run around in since we are still in dress rehearsal
Matching belt! With its fun angled buckle.
My dress is a black eyelet shirt waist dress with built in crinoline. Its very comfy and great for an errand day or when I'll be running around at work. I'm sure I'll get a better, full body shot of it for you at some point.
The fun winged cuff sleeve.
And happily off to work I go!

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