Monday, October 10, 2011

Shrinking Closet

Well my dear readers...we've moved into our new house! Its been absolutely insane. I got two of the bedrooms and the downstairs hallway painted before we moved our furniture in. We had an entire weekend of just scrubbing, which was exhausting. My fantastic parents were so helpful with getting things done! I still have things left at our old apartment that we have to be out of by the end of this coming weekend.

As exciting as the whole idea of having a house is, the sad part is my shrinking closet. When my husband and I first started living together I had two HUGE closets all to myself. Then we downsized into an apartment where I still got two closets, but they were much smaller. Now we have one closet...and we have to share. And I know I shouldn't complain, but when you are someone who loves clothes and buying vintage and making things its tough dealing with the shrinking closet issue.

Well here is our PT piled high with just my clothes from my closets
Surprisingly I made it work, my poor husband only gets the top section of the double stacked side of the closet. I'm a little sad though because things are a little crammed so I can't make any additions until I get rid of some stuff.
I'm still not sure where I'm going to put the rest of my shoes, purses and hats. Oh the challenges of reorganizing in a new place!!

I have been taking pictures along the way to share with you. Hoping I'll get time to start uploading to show progress. Sorry if this post is brain is having a real hard time working properly right now.

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  1. Oh no, downsizing! I know how it feels to be crammed in, we share a closet and then I have spillover for dresses in another closet, but that space is tiny. I have nowhere that I could put hats (hence don't have any), and just a bit in the closet for purses. It stinks. Good luck figuring it all out!

    (Btw, we have a PT too. :)