Friday, October 14, 2011

Lucky in Love, Part 2

Onto what the day actually was like once people were placed in the picture:

Pictures of us separately before the wedding.
My handsome husband. Look at those boots.
My adorable sister, maid of honor.
My absolute favorite one of me. 
Now onto the ceremony:
My mother being escorted by my sister's boyfriend.
Will playing for me to walk down the aisle.
My father, an amazing man who was so happy that day.
Down the aisle we went.
Our first kiss as husband and wife.
Oh and the poms as we came back down the aisle!
Now to our reception:
Our friend catered, he brought his smoker so we could have BBQ.
My father owns a brewery, Craft Brewing Co. so that was on tap.
Our favorite band, David Serby, for us to dance to.
Hubbie's best man with a toast to us.
The poms attack again.
My good friend wore red shoes in honor of my big day.
Oh favorite purchase, Remix tooled leather pumps.
But to dance you need boots!
Hubbie's wonderful twins. Up to no good I'm sure.
Guests: Will, his wife Melissa, Buddy Dughi and Suzy Q.
On the road to a wonderful marriage for years to come!
I was so happy with the way our wedding turned out. I worked really hard, but thankfully planned accordingly so that it was not a stressful day for me. It was everythring we wanted it to be and it truly reflected who we are. Which I really believe is the best way to plan a wedding! Our first year of marriage has been amazing, we are so much more in love with one another now then ever. I'm looking forward to so many more years and adventures with my husband.


  1. What a beautiful day! I loved your dress and the craft beer. It looked so perfect and you are a beautiful, happy couple. All the best!

  2. You did such a great job!! Everything looked amazing!! Congratulations!

  3. what great pics... the whole day and everyone looked very stylie. happy 1st anniversary :)

  4. Somehow through the miracle of the internet I can tell you that you will be married forever and be just as happy when you are old as you are now. Your wedding pictures told me all of that. Congratulations then, now and for the wonderful future you'll be having!

  5. Ahh! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous wedding pics. It looked so personal and special, really unique. Wishing you all the happiness x

  6. What a beautiful and fun wedding! Love those shoes.

  7. so so lovely!! huge congrats!!

  8. oh wow! These pictures are amazing! How love how personalised your wedding day was! It looks like it was so special--thank you for sharing!

  9. What wonderful wedding, everything looks just beautiful, especially you the bride, you did a fantastic job. Now on with your blissful wedded life, congratulations!

  10. Wow your wedding looks A MAZ ING !! And so lovely to hear you are more in love than ever. Thats pretty much all you need, love, and red shoes (of course !) x