Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In the Oven

Well it's another in the oven post. Looks like my posts for the next month are going to be dedicated to either making something in the kitchen, outings(if we get a chance to get out) and progress made on our "new to me" house! Yup, we are moving. My husband owns a house, that is near to where we are now, that his ex-wife and kids had been living in but she is moving in with her fiancé. So we will be taking over the house and living with his teenage twins.

So I've got to get all my stuff packed up (and I'm starting with my sewing supplies), pick out new appliances for our house, paint all the rooms, get the floors redone in many of the rooms and clean the new house up. So I guess the coming posts (if I get a chance) will be all about what's going on at the new house.

In the meantime, I made something yummy!
Tomatoes were on super sale at the grocery store the other day. So I picked out a bag full to roast.

I took my Roma Tomatoes, cut them in half and scooped out all the seeds. I drizzled Olive Oil, minced garlic, fresh thyme, salt and ground black pepper all over them. Placed them on parchment paper on my baking sheet and popped them in a preheated 275 degree(F) oven. I baked them for one hour, flipped them and baked for another hour. I then let them rest in the oven for ten minutes with the heat off.

Aren't they pretty?! I'm gonna place them in a freezer bag (they can last in the freezer for 6 months) to use in a pasta dish in the coming weeks.
Of course, I couldn't resist placing one on a piece of toasted sourdough with some mozzarella for a snack! Yum.


  1. Wax paper (or parchment) in the oven? I would think the wax would smoke, no? Or maybe 275 isn't hot enough for that...

  2. oops I meant parchment, I'll fix that.