Saturday, August 6, 2011

Off to work I go

 At work we decided to have a dress your favorite decade night. Now this, of course, is not a real stretch for me, but I did have a decision to make seeing as my wardrobe spans through a few decades. I decide on the 1940s, and mostly because of the fashion (although I don't wear too much from this decade). There was so much attention to detail, which I just love! Bound buttonholes, amazing darts, pockets, the fit of clothing, hats, gloves, shoes, hair, oh how my list can go on. What I also love about this decade, although it was due to a war, was women being put to work and wanting to do so much for their country. And although, after the war, women were put back in the home I believe this was a true turning point for women. Women went to work, learned what it felt like, and wanted more. So even though it took another full decade and then some to get back into the work force, the bug had bit them. So in honor of these honorable women who served for their country I choose to dress the part.
Coveralls: My Baby Jo
Shoes: Thrifted