Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gingham and Eyelet

My husband's daughter bought a sweet little pink gingham dress awhile back at a vintage store in Ventura, CA. She has been unable to wear it because she felt that it was too sheer. So she asked if I could help out. I said I could sew a layer into the skirt of the dress and that she could just wear a cami with it for the bodice, mostly because I wasn't too thrilled with pulling the dress apart to line it. So while in LA the other day I picked up some white eyelet. As I began pondering attaching it to the waistline I began to think maybe I should make it as a separate piece so that she could use it for other dresses...she loves to layer. So I gathered up the 3 yds, cut to sit an 1 1/2" longer then the dress, into a waistband (much like I did for the yellow eyelet skirt I made not too long ago). Super easy and now she has a petticoat to wear however she desires.

Dress with new layer.
Aren't the pin tucks such a sweet detail?
The petticoat on its own
The detail is great for that extra layer.
 What is most amazing sometimes is the label you find inside a thrifted dress.
Living close to the studios, this is not the first time I've seen their barcode in items that are in thrift stores. I've been in many of the large movie studios' warehouses, renting for theatres, and I always wonder "What could this item have been used for in the past?" I have to think this piece is quite old due to the fact it has a metal zipper and shows quite a bit of wear in the seams...I'm going to do some repairing to it before I give it back to his daughter. If only it could tell stories of where its been and who has worn it.

Well I hope my husband's daughter enjoys her new petticoat. She isn't aware of it yet, but I might be borrowing this dress from her in the future seeing as we are the same size(Score!).


  1. What a great dress, I'll let you know if I spot it in a movie.

  2. What a great idea and a very cute petticoat!


  3. that petticoat is SO BEAUTIFUL! i think you should start a part-part-part-time petticoat business and sell them to girls like me who have inferior sewing skills :)

  4. So pretty! I love adding petticoats to any outfit--this eyelet one is a great idea. Looks gorgeous with the dress!

  5. This is precious! What a lovely, lovely dress and you never know, some famous actress could have worn it! You did an amazing job with the petticoat!

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    x Aliya